AI-Automated Parking Enforcement

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Industries & Applications

  • Security
  • Smart city


  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Instance segmentation

The Product

An AI-powered solution to identify 100% of vehicles that have parked in an enforced paid parking space. The purpose of the solution is to overcome limitations of enforcement human resources capacity, along with maximizing the parking operator’s revenue.

This is achieved via remote enforcement or on-site by an officer with an indication of the precise violation location. The end result is greater payment compliance of parkers, along with increased safety for the parking enforcement officers.

Why AI

  • Enables highly accurate identification of all non-compliant vehicles in real-time
  • Enables operation in a wider range of poor visual conditions where classic solutions would fail
  • Enables easy adoption to different locales (different license plate formats and character sets)

Why Hailo?

A single Hailo-8 processor can replace the Jetson class GPUs, to support a similar number of streams with a low-cost host computer, resulting in a 75% cost saving

Power consumption of the Hailo processor is 1/8 of that of the Jetson GPU.
As this is an outdoor solution exposed to harsh environmental conditions, heat dissipation should be minimal, since using fan for active cooling is not an option

Seamless integration through comprehensive documentation and open communication

“It took us some time to begin evaluating the Hailo-8 due to our doubts about its promised performance. However, as soon as we gave it a try, we quickly realized that there was no turning back. The chip surpassed our expectations in all
measured parameters, outperforming even with complex NN models and real-life conditions”

Dr Melissa Fitch
Program Director,
University of Evansville,

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