Vision Processor Software Package


Hailo-15 is accompanied by a comprehensive vision processor software package for SoC includes set of drivers, libraries and tools designed to develop smart cameras based on AI computer vision. It offers full support for camera hardware interfaces and protocols, in addition to incorporating specialized image and video processing algorithms. The vision subsystem within this software is finely tuned to meet the specific demands of camera-centric applications.

The Vision Processor Software Package includes the following key components:

Application Processor

  • Linux and BSP
    Yocto-based Linux distribution provides all BSP (Board Support Package) components, including kernel libraries, API (Application Programming Interfaces) and additional software components
  • HailoRT
    HailoRT runtime AI library and TAPPAS example applications are from the AI Software Suite and are fully integrated into the Linux distribution
  • Vision Subsystem & ISP 
    • Image acquisition drivers 
    • Computer vision algorithms and ISP pipeline 
    • Sensor calibration and tuning tools

  • Libraries
    Libraries for video and image processing applications such as OpenCV and GStreamer
  • Media Library
    Media Library provides a set of high-level APIs for vision subsystems, making it easy to control and configure the way frames are processed, by supporting features such as video capturing, video encoding, image correction and image enhancement 


  • Digital Signal Processor (DSPs) performing complex image processing algorithms in real-time

  • DSP Firmware providing an optimized image processing library with dozens of ready to use kernels

  • Linux integrated driver interfacing between both video and image processing applications and the DSP

HailoRT and TAPPAS can be downloaded as part of the Hailo AI Software Suite and are fully integrated into the Linux distribution


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