Hailo-10H M.2
Generative AI Acceleration Module


Hailo-10H M.2
Generative AI

With M.2 form factor, the Hailo-10H GenAI accelerator based modules can be plugged into existing PCs and edge devices with an M.2 socket to execute deep neural network inferencing in real-time utilizing low power for a broad range of applications and market segments.

Featuring the Hailo-10H
AI Processor

The Hailo-10H AI processor, delivering up to 40 tera-operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforms all other edge AI processors. Its area and power efficiency are far superior to other leading solutions by an order of magnitude.
The Hailo-10H unique, powerful and scalable structure-driven dataflow architecture takes advantage of the core properties of neural networks. It enables edge devices to run deep learning applications at full scale more efficiently and effectively than traditional solutions, while significantly lowering costs.

Breathe life into your edge applications with the Hailo AI processors

Generative AI Acceleration Module: Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

High performance processing of generative AI models including LLMs with minimal CPU / GPU load

Powered by Hailo-10H generative AI accelerators with 40 Tera-Operations Per Second (TOPS)

Enables real-time, low latency, and high-efficiency AI inferencing on PCs, smart cars and other edge devices

Highest cost-efficiency (TOPS/$) compared with existing solutions

Best-in-class power efficiency. Consumes less than 3.5W (typical)

Fast time to market using a standard M.2 form factor module

Scalable, enabling simultaneous processing of multi-models

Robust software suite supports state-of-the-art deep learning models & generative AI applications

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In the vast landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), one of the most intriguing journeys has been the evolution of AI on the edge. This journey has taken us from classic machine vision to the realms of discriminative AI, enhancive AI, and now, the groundbreaking frontier of generative AI. Each step has brought us closer to a future where intelligent systems seamlessly integrate with our daily lives, offering an immersive experience of not just perception but also creation at the palm of our hand.
Product Brief
Hailo-10H M.2 Extended Temperature Product Brief

Breathe life into your edge applications with the Hailo AI processors