Automatic Optical

Hailo AI Processor for AOI

AI-Powered Automatic Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing industrial automation processes. Employed in various manufacturing sectors, AOI plays a pivotal role in ensuring product quality and enhancing production efficiency and productivity. By utilizing high-resolution cameras and advanced image processing algorithms, AOI systems swiftly and accurately inspect and identify each and every manufactured component. The optical inspection can be used for scanning and identifying the manufactured goods, sorting the components, or identifying defects, such as surface abnormalities, misalignments, or missing features. This real-time, non-destructive inspection enables rapid identification and correction of flaws, minimizing costly rework and product recalls. Moreover, it allows handling of large volumes of components with unmatched precision, streamlining production lines, enabling industries to achieve higher productivity, superior quality, and increased customer satisfaction. As technology continues to evolve, Automated Optical Inspection is poised to play an even more crucial role in shaping the future of industrial manufacturing.

Automatic Optical Inspection on the Edge

AOI applications are significantly enhanced when running on the edge due to several key advantages:

  • Edge computing allows AOI systems to process data locally on-site, reducing the reliance on cloud-based solutions and minimizing data transfer requirements. This not only leads to faster response times and reduced network latency but also ensures consistent operation even in areas with limited or intermittent internet connectivity
  • By running AOI applications on the edge, manufacturers can address privacy and security concerns as sensitive data remains within their premises, reducing the risk of data breaches
  • Edge computing enables AOI systems to handle large volumes of data in real-time, crucial for industries with high-speed production lines, ensuring instant and accurate data processing and reducing downtime.

The Hailo AI processors enable high-performance video analytics at very high frame rates, making sure machines can run at full capacity as video analytics are no longer a bottleneck


Low Latency

For real-time detection and alerts of anything from anomalies in manufacturing to safety hazards

High Throughput

High performance video analytics in high resolution and high frame rate to remove all analytics bottlenecks and enable machine operation at full capacity


Low power consumption and extended temperature range enable fanless design and allows Hailo-empowered devices to feature high performance in harsh environmental conditions


Hailo’s industrial-grade processors guarantee longevity in operation and enable future scalability when more compute power is needed for future applications

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Anomaly Detection

Quality Guaranteed

AOI is used to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing. Machine vision is used to identify even the smallest of defects or anomalies in every single component manufactured, as well as anomalies in the manufacturing process. The application of AI to anomaly detection ensures high accuracy inspection at maximum machine speed, thus enabling highest productivity without compromising on quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. The benefits are two-fold:

  • Identify defects and anomalies in real time and alert, to prevent shipment of defected products and guarantee customer satisfaction and higher revenue
  • Track patterns in machine performance to identify anomalies and deterioration and trigger preventive maintenance, before it impacts production quality

The ability of Hailo’s AI processors to perform video analytics in high accuracy at a very high frame rate guarantees quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) do not prevent machine from running at full capacity


Maximum Accuracy in Sorting

AI is leveraged to replace manual labor to finely distinct and sort items per type, size, shape, color and quality. AI-powered machine vision enables higher granularity for correct classification.

The Hailo AI processors enable high resolution, which leads to higher accuracy and higher productivity, resulting in lower error rates and less human labor to manually replace or correct false sorting.

Hailo also enables operation at higher speed removing the analytics bottleneck and allowing the machine to run at full capacity, leading yet to higher efficiency and productivity.

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Optical Character Recognition

Fast Reading on the Edge

Machine vision algorithms based on deep learning are opening up exciting new ways to make manufacturing more flexible. AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) offers remarkably fast read rates, on endless types of fonts, characters, numbers and figures, even with fonts that are otherwise difficult to recognize.

High-performance deep learning algorithms require a powerful processor. Yet, implementation in an edge device also makes power consumption a critical issue. Today’s machine builders need not just consider the computing speed but also power efficiency, and that is where Hailo comes in.

In addition to world class performance, the Hailo AI processors also offer a remarkably low power consumption. Hailo’s powerful AI processors enable industrial manufacturers to benefit from the advantages of the deep learning technology without having to sacrifice performance and productivity.

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Pick & Place

Unprecedented Precision

AI plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and precision of pick and place applications that involve AOI. In such applications, AI-driven systems utilize advanced computer vision algorithms to analyze visual data from cameras and sensors. These systems can swiftly identify and record defects or irregularities in component or product placement, ensuring that only high-quality items are picked and placed in a proper way in the manufacturing process.

The Hailo processors enable high-performance video analytics at high speed, allowing rapid processing of vast amounts of visual information and making real-time decisions, resulting in seamless automation, reduced error rates, improved production speed, and ultimately elevated productivity and product quality.

Breathe life into your edge applications with the Hailo AI processors