AI In Smart Retail

Hailo AI Processor for Smart Retail

AI-Powered Shopping Experience

Smart retail is reshaping the traditional shopping landscape by leveraging AI to both improve the shopping experience as well as to empower businesses to remain competitive and attractive in light of the rising competition from online shopping platforms. AI is used to:

  • Streamline the shopping process with product and person identificatin, enabling fast, accurate and efficient checkout
  • Analyze vast amounts of customer data to help retailers understand consumer preferences and make data-driven decisions, predict trends, optimize inventory management, and create a personalized shopping experience
  • Improve the security of supply chain and shoppers alike, by identifying shoplifting and other potentially suspicious behavior

AI Benefits For Retail

High Performance

High AI compute capacity allows a jump in size and complexity of models and pipelines, enabling the usage of state-of-the-art models like SAM and CLIP which enable high granularity insights on store operations

Low Latency

Consumer class products such as retail cameras, require real-time input to enable seamless user experience. In our world, users expect zero latency between action (e.g., pick up a product) and response (e.g., product appears in online cart)

Enhanced Privacy

AI technology enables detect of unlawful activities as well as thorough analysis of consumer behavior without jeopardizing people’s privacy

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Point of Sale

Valuable Store Visit

Smart cameras and devices are increasingly used to make brick-and-mortar stores not only more efficient, but also safer in light of rising demand for contactless interactions.​

The Hailo AI processors perform complex deep learning tasks such as object detection and classification, complex pattern recognition, pose estimation and facial recognition, to enable Point of Sale (PoS) applications such as:​

  • Pick & Go / cashierless stores – real-time product identification, accurate customer recognition, advanced payment methods, store security monitoring​
  • Automated checkout – near-zero misses and false identification of products and people for accurate and reliable checkout
  • The fully automated retail operation of the future – with front- and back-of-the-house populated robots navigating, sorting, picking and handling objects and interacting with humans ​

Hailo AI processor can be designed into cameras, as well as deployed externally to empower existing devices with advanced AI capabilities in a cost-efficient manner. A single chip can power a system that spans the entire smart store, covering every angle and detecting the smallest products and gestures in real time.​

Supply Chain Management

Profitable & Secure Sales Operations

Intelligent video analytics turn data into significant insights that translate into better performance for retail operations. Our customers use Hailo AI processor-powered intelligent cameras to perform deep learning tasks such as pose estimation, semantic segmentation, object detection, classification and facial recognition for meaningful applications such as:​

  • Customer flow analysis – people counting and store heatmaps provide insights and KPIs such as visit- and dwell- times​
  • Queue detection – manage wait times and service staff efficiently ​
  • Smart advertising – personalization and smart customer segmentation and targeting​
  • Store conversion – glance time and purchasing behavior analytics give context to sales numbers​
  • Shelf & inventory management – insights for visual merchandising, shelf management and stock management ​
  • Security & privacy – customer identification and identity authentication, intelligent store inspection for loss prevention ​
  • Safety – monitor social distance, alert about safety hazards like spills in the aisle​

The advancement of AI in retail largely depends on the ability of an edge AI processor to natively support the key applications mentioned above in high-accuracy and in real-time, while securing people’s privacy. The Hailo processors provide high-resolution, high-frame rate neural processing that allows capturing the smallest objects in a wide area of interest, in high accuracy and real-time, with minimum false rate and maximum privacy. All this can be done using low-power and small size commercial or custom IP cameras.​

Breathe life into your edge applications with the Hailo AI processors