Hailo-8 Century
High Performance
PCIe Card


Prototype & Develop High-Performance, High-Efficiency Edge AI Video Analytics Systems with Multiple Hailo-8 AI Processors​

Today’s intelligent vision systems are high-resolution, high-frame-rate and multi-sensor, requiring more powerful and accurate real-time AI processing power.
To support developers of high-performance edge AI video analytics systems across industry verticals, the Hailo industry-leading Hailo-8 AI accelerator card is now available in a PCIe form factor, delivering a range of up to 208 TOPS of AI performance at a low power consumption.
The high-performance Century PCIe cards enable deep neural network inferencing in real-time with low power consumption for a broad range of market segments and applications on any platform with a 16-lane PCIe slot.

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Breathe life into your edge applications with the Hailo AI processors


Key Features and Benefits

Delivering 52-208 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS)

Supporting industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C

Best-in-class power efficiency, at 400 FPS/W in ResNet50 benchmark model

Highest cost-efficiency, starting at $249

Enabling real-time, low latency, and highly efficient concurrent processing of complex pipelines with multi-streams and multi-models

Robust software suite supports state-of-the-art deep learning models & applications out-of-the-box


Small form factorWide host compatibility
Model number0802080308040804S0805S0806S0807S0808S
# of TOPS5278104104130156182208
Form factorsingle slot, HHHLsingle slot, HHFL
InterfacePCleX16 slot with bifurcation
PCleX16 slot

Dimensions68.9 × 167.65 mm​68.9 × 254 mm​
Max thermal design power (TDP)15W-45W​45-75W​
Supported OSLinux, Windows-10 / 11​
Supported AI frameworksTensorflow, Tensorflow Lite, Keras, Pytorch & ONNX

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Hailo-8 Century High Performance PCIe Cards
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Breathe life into your edge applications with the Hailo AI processors