ai Cast Smart Camera

Idein Inc. AISIN Customer Story

Industries & Applications

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Security


  • Face recognition
  • Depth estimation
  • Posture estimation
  • Person re-identification & trail recording
  • Person metadata extraction

The Product

ai cast is a smart camera manufactured by Aisin, a Fortune Global 500 company and a member of the Toyota Group, based on edge AI technology by Idein, a Japanese leader in edge AI platforms.

The camera is currently offered as a full-blown AI analytics camera for the retail market

Currently deployed in several retail chains across Japan, such as Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. to improve customer satisfaction and maintain supply chain integrity.

Why AI

The camera supports multiple AI tasks that require high AI capacity, to support activities like counting customers in the store, tracking customer journey, detecting shoplifting and more

The camera offers maximum privacy through data processing on the edge, with only metadata transmission to the cloud.

Why Hailo?

High capacity allows a jump in size and complexity of models and pipelines, which leads to higher accuracy and low rate of false positive alerts.

Consumer class product requiring operation in low temperature conditions. The
low power consumption of the Hailo-8 processor results in a very low heat dissipation.

“Hailo-8 is achieving overwhelmingly high performance compared to conventional products”

Mr. Koichi Nakamura

CEO, Idein Inc

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