Embedded Industrial Camera

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Industries & Applications

  • Industrial Automation
  • Sorting machines


  • Instance segmentation

The Product

Embedded camera for industrial automation and quality control. Used by Newtec, a manufacturer of vegetable sorting machines, to classify potatoes by size, shape, quality and variety.

Why AI

AI is needed to replace manual labor to finely distinct and sort items per size, shape, color and quality. Using AI-based machine vision enables higher granularity for correct classification.

Why Hailo?

The Hailo-8 AI processor replaced a previous inferencing solution, enabling 4X higher
resolution, which leads to higher productivity, and less human labor to manually replace false sorting.

High speed operation removing the analytics bottleneck and allowing the machine to run at full speed leading yet to higher efficiency and productivity.

Fast model development and deployment using well established software tools.

“Hailo enables us to perform more sophisticated operations with
more complex networks, and thus, offer more solutions to the wide array of manufacturers we work with”

Ulrich Linnet


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