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AI is transforming our living and work spaces into intelligent, connected environments that protect us and better serve our needs. What makes this possible is a multitude of smart edge devices that perform increasingly advanced and secure neural processing locally in real-time.​​​

The leading AI capabilities of the Hailo edge AI processor empower a wide variety of edge devices to perform vision processing for tasks ranging from intrusion monitoring to gesture control and smart assisted living. Real-time high-efficiency capabilities are packed into a small, low-power smart Home chip that can fit into any device.​

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Hailo for Smart Home, smart home chip


  • Safety & Security​
  • Lifestyle​

The Hailo AI processor is deployed on edge devices to help keep residential homes and commercial buildings safe. Its high-resolution video processing  empowers Smart Home cameras to monitor wide areas and provide alerts about the smallest objects for: ​ 

  • Smart security surveillance and intruder alert​
  • Smart doors, locks, peepholes that employ facial recognition and connected home systems​
  • Intruder detection​
  • Irregular behavior alert for small children, pets, service personnel etc.​
  • Ambient assisted living for elderly and disabled individuals​

Hailo AI processor-powered devices efficiently perform neural processing tasks like object classification, pose estimation and facial recognition, requiring low power and space resources. The Hailo AI chip processor is an efficient way for device manufacturers for Smart Home and smart home security to introduce advanced AI capabilities into a large variety of cameras and appliances, while also addressing important data privacy concerns by performing all the processing locally (no external connectivity needed).​

The Hailo AI processor empowers automation that increasingly makes our everyday lives easier – at home and at the office. It provides state-of-the-art deep learning capabilities to service robots, smart assistants, gesture-controlled devices, smart vision devices (like front facing camera, mirrors and televisions) and other smart home and office devices. Advanced neural processing allows these devices to see and analyze their surroundings, navigate, recognize and understand people and generate appropriate, informed actions. Real-time video analytics also help devices to better serve their users and to personalize services and offers.​

The Hailo AI processor is perfect for small consumer devices due to minimal space, power and memory requirements. Its industry-leading efficiency and availability in standard small form factors, make it an outstanding Smart Home processor


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