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The demand for smart data analytics increases as cities grow and face tougher challenges. Feasibility and efficiency of Smart City technologies are pushing more and more of the required AI capabilities to the edge, creating demand for more efficient edge computing, at lower power and cost.​ The Hailo AI processor is designed to efficiently empower deep learning-based video analytics that monitor, alert and produce insights at the edge to support municipal authorities in creating safer and better functioning cities.​​

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AI Smart City Hailo


  • Public Safety
  • Mobility
  • Health Monitoring
  • Infrastructure & Services Management

The Hailo AI processor helps municipalities make their cities safer and more efficient by introducing dedicated AI for public safety.  Tasks such as hazard detection, elderly assistance, search and rescue and threat and crime detection. ​

The neural processing power Hailo AI processor brings to the edge mitigates the major constraints in effective, scalable monitoring of large, busy public spaces across the city: data transmission, processing and storage. A Hailo-powered AI device or solution:​

  • Performs intelligent monitoring and analytics locally, reducing the need for connectivity and bandwidth​
  • Provides inference results in real time, reducing the need to store terabytes of footage​
  • Performs demanding deep learning tasks, using limited power and area resources, due to its unique purpose-built architecture​
  • Processes high-resolution video in real time, allowing greater camera depth and coverage​

Hailo-8 is a powerful and effective enabler of AI for Smart City security and safety applications. Our customers run common and custom neural networks for object recognition, face recognition, semantic segmentation, pose estimation etc. on high-resolution video, producing high-accuracy results in complex real-world environments in real time.​  

The Hailo AI processor allows cities to better manage mobility of people and vehicles in real-time, while gaining valuable insights for future planning. Hailo’s deep learning capabilities turn edge devices into powerful intelligent sensors, that not only gather data but also process it locally in real time, supporting AI in transportation and mobility management, which are crucial to city life. 

Hailo AI processor is a powerful addition to any camera, requiring a small area and power budget to deliver cost savings and industry-leading neural processing efficiency. It also processes high-resolution images (no downsampling is required), ensuring high accuracy and lower power and latency. ​

Our customers use Hailo AI processor-based solutions to:​

  • Monitor and direct vehicle and human traffic in real time, detecting roadblocks, alerting drivers about crashes and obstacles​
  • Perform automated traffic studies and human traffic flow analytics for city planning and infrastructure and maintenance projects ​
  • Enforce traffic and parking laws by detecting and recording traffic violations, monitor parking lots, free and paid parking zones etc.

Intelligent monitoring of densely populated areas is increasingly called for to aid in public health issues such as controlling pandemics, battling pollution, and monitoring for potential health hazards. Powerful AI-enabled edge devices can help authorities:​

  • Provide real time emergency assistance in public spaces​
  • Monitor sanitation and hazardous materials safety ​
  • Monitor air quality ​
  • Enforce public health laws and regulations by monitoring for violations (e.g. social distance monitoring, face mask detection etc.)​

The Hailo AI processor was built to make such demanding deep learning applications easier to implement in real-world environments. Our customers design Hailo AI processor into their cameras and edge appliances, or simply plug it in as standard M.2 or mini-PCIe card.

The Hailo AI processor allows complex deep learning tasks such as semantic segmentation and object detection and classification to be performed by small devices, requiring little power, no external memory and no high-speed connectivity to produce insights and alerts.​

AI-enable cameras, powered by the Hailo AI processor chip, are used by our customers to:​

  • Monitor municipal infrastructure for malfunctions, hazards, potholes, pipe explosions, drainage backup etc​
  • Monitor and protect utilities such as power stations, water and gas pipes, sewer mains etc)​
  • Draw insights from automated analytics for infrastructure and maintenance planning​


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