Front-Facing Camera

FFC (Front Facing Camera) has nearly become a default ingredient in high-end and entry-level vehicles alike. The FFC is forced to operate at higher frame rates and resolution to allow better control at higher speeds and lower latency for better responsiveness to road users’ unexpected behavior. ​

The Hailo AI processor is designed for the required deep learning workload and to meet the needs of the evolving ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) landscape, as an enabler of safer and assisted driving. Automotive AI camera manufacturers use the Hailo AI processor as a co-processor to design powerful, uncooled, cost-effective cameras. It provides a major boost in performance, while shrinking the camera processor area (due to its small size and no external memory requirements) and lowering power consumption and heat dissipation. Employed in FFCs, the Hailo AI processor can process high-resolution images without the need for compression and the resulting latency, quality and accuracy degradation.​

The Hailo AI processor is an AEC-Q100 grade 2 Automotive AI processor, which has been developed in accordance with ISO26262 guidelines to be ASIL-B compliant.​

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Front facing camera and ADAS Electronic Control Unit applications automotive


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