Edge AI Box

This effective AI video analytics solution is a small, low-power edge computing device designed for easy deployment, on-site or on-the-move. It provides real-time, secure and automated computer vision AI monitoring and intelligent analytics for a variety of commercial, industrial and security applications.​

One or several Hailo AI processor chips, via the Hailo-8 M.2 AI Acceleration Module, work with a host processor to provide neural image processing for high-resolution intelligent video analytics. The Hailo AI processor meets the strict system requirements for 24/7 operation and demanding environmental conditions. ​

Hailo-8 powers both intelligent cameras and Edge AI Boxes, delivering advanced deep learning capabilities to our customers’ consumer, industrial and enterprise cameras and camera networks, allowing them to boost edge AI performance at their facilities in the most cost-effective manner. ​

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AI for Smart Factory Industry 4.0 Intelligent Applications

Industry 4.0

AI for Smart Retail and Intelligent Stores Applications

Smart Retail

AI for Smart Home Computer, Intelligent Cameras, and Security Applications

Smart Home

Hailo_Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

AI for Smart City Public Safety Intelligent Applications

Smart City

Demo of Power-efficient Applications Using the Hailo-8 DL Processor for Edge Devices

Reference Designs

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