The  Hailo-8™ AI Processor brings industry-leading neural processing throughput and power efficiency to support a wide range of AI applications.   The table below demonstrates some of Hailo-8’s best-in-class capabilities in the foundational neural tasks of object detection and classification. It achieves very high FPS and power efficiency (FPS/W) across a number of industry-standard neural network models, while also offloading postprocessing from the host processor its working with.


 NN Model Input Resolution FPS Power [W] FPS/ W
ResNet-50 v1 224×224 1,331 3.3 402
MobileNet_v2_1.0 224×224 2,444 2.162 1,130
EfficientNet_M 240×240 890 3.4 261
Object Detection
SSD_MobileNet_v1 300×300 1,055 2.3 458
YOLOv5m 640×640 218 4.4 49.5
stdc1 1024×1920 34 2.6 13
Multi stream object detection (8 streams)
YOLOv3 608×608 66 4.4 15



  • Measurements were taken at room temperature through PCIe interface on Hailo-8 evaluation board  
  • System host: Intel® Core i5-9400 CPU @ 2.90GHz; Models compiled with Hailo Dataflow Compiler version 3.23.0 (SW version 2023-04) 

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