Smart Retail

Intelligent, purpose-built vision and smart analytics allow brick-and-mortar stores to better compete with highly optimized online retail. AI empowers retailers to boost business outcomes through automation, optimization and intelligent targeting. Stores are also able to offer a safe shopping experience by scanning for face masks and supporting contactless transactions.​​

Compatible with various types of cameras, the Hailo AI processor offers powerful neural processing of high-resolution video in real time. Its efficient, low-power and compact form factor and several deployment options allow manufacturers and end customers to realize efficiencies and cost savings.​

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AI in Retail


  • Smart Analytics​
  • Automated Store​

Intelligent video analytics turn data into significant insights that translate into better performance for retail operations. Our customers use Hailo AI processor-powered intelligent cameras to perform deep learning tasks such as semantic segmentation, object detection, classification and facial recognition for meaningful applications such as:​

  • Customer flow analysis – people counting and store heatmaps provide insights about visit and dwell times and important KPIs like footfall​
  • Queue detection – manage wait times and service staff efficiently ​
  • Smart advertising – personalization and smart customer segmentation and targeting​
  • Store conversion, glance time and purchasing behavior analytics give context to sales numbers​
  • Shelf & inventory management – insights for visual merchandising, shelf management and stock management ​
  • Security & privacy – customer identification and identity authentication, intelligent store inspection for loss prevention ​
  • Safety – monitor social distance, alert about safety hazards like spills in the aisle​

The advancement of AI in retail largely depends on the ability of an edge AI processor to natively support the key applications mentioned above in high-accuracy and in real-time. The Hailo-8 AI chip provides high-resolution, high-frame rate neural processing that allows capturing the smallest objects in a wide area of interest, using low-power and small size commercial or custom IP cameras.​

Hailo AI processor’s neural processing enables automation of small and large retail operations. Smart cameras and devices are increasingly used to make brick-and-mortar stores not only more efficient, but safer in light of rising demand for contactless interactions.​

TheHailo AI processor performs complex deep learning tasks such as object detection and classification, complex pattern recognition, pose estimation and facial recognition, among others. It processes high-resolution video efficiently and in real time. These industry-leading capabilities enable vision-guidance for robotic operation for:​

  • Cashierless stores – product identification, customer recognition, advanced payment methods, store security monitoring​
  • Autonomous retail logistics – unmanned inventory management, packing & delivery etc​
  • The fully automated retail operation of the future, with front- and back-of-the-house populated robots navigating, sorting, picking and handling objects and interacting with humans ​

Hailo AI processor can be designed into cameras, as well as deployed externally to empower existing devices with advanced AI capabilities in a cost-efficient manner. A single chip can power a system that spans the entire smart store, covering every angle and detecting the smallest products and gestures in real time.​


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