The World’s Best Edge AI Processors  

Hailo offers breakthrough AI processors uniquely designed to enable high performance deep learning applications on edge devices.

Our processors are geared towards the new era of generative AI on the edge, in parallel to enabling perception and video enhancement through our wide range of AI accelerators and vision processors.


Hailo Dataflow Compiler is now available for Raspberry Pi

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The Rise and Future Trends
of Edge Computing and AI

July-11, 2024
Online Webinar

Evolution of Edge AI

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Converting AI models to run at the edge is complex, and Hailo provides a stable, well-thought-out platform with great developer support and tools

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Hailo-8 is achieving overwhelmingly high performance compared to conventional products.

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The chip surpassed our expectations in all measured parameters, outperforming even with complex NN models and real-life conditions

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This processor helps us overcome all the limitations

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Hailo enables us to perform more sophisticated operations with more complex networks, and thus, offer more solutions to the wide array  of manufacturers we work with

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With Hailo we power edge devices with renewable energy and still get more machine learning capabilities than we used to with hardwired labs

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Breathe life into your edge products with Hailo’s AI Accelerators and Vision Processors