Vehicle Agnostic Self-Driving Robot Kit for Agricultural Farms

Bluewhite Customer Story

Industries & Applications

  • Autonomous driving
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Robotics


  • Object detection
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Lane detection
  • Pickup object orientation

The Product

Retrofit kit for tractors and other mobile farming equipment, converting them to fully autonomous vehicles. This allows expanding the productivity and ROI of existing heavy-duty equipment. In addition, it addresses the labor scarcity challenges, it allows non-professional workers to participate in the labor force, and it promotes a safer working environment.

Why AI

  • Heavy duty vehicles need to apply safety-first approach to navigate safely
    in a terrain that cannot be mapped in advance and is constantly changing
    during the day and throughout the year
  • Vehicles need to respond in real-time to hazards and avoid incidents with
    property and human labor in the vicinity of the machine
  • The vehicle can be equipped with robotic tools which need to be controlled
  • All this inferencing and computing needs to be done in an existing power
    and thermal envelope and operate at very harsh conditions, avoiding the
    need for water cooling

Why Hailo?


Support the required AI workload of >10 TOPS, covering object detection and semantic segmentation needed for the driving mission.

High accuracy and low latency
for real-time response.

Automotive grade
(AEC-Q100 grade 2).

High power efficiency and low heat dissipation
of up to 5W.

“This processor helps us overcome all the limitations”

Aviram Shmueli

CTO & Co-Founder

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