Hailo-10 AI Accelerators
For the Generative AI Era

With the power of GenAI, personal computers are now capable of creating original content, from text to images, videos and even music, based on simple text prompts. These generative AI powered applications analyse vast amounts of data to learn patterns and styles, enabling them to produce content that is not only unique but also tailored to the information and preferences of users. Whether it’s generating presentation slides, crafting emails, or summarizing meetings, generative AI in personal computers empowers users to become more productive and explore their creativity in new and exciting ways.

These remarkable capabilities are made possible with the Hailo-10H GenAI accelerator, which enables uninterrupted access to GenAI services and applications, independent of network connectivity, with no latency concerns and with improved privacy and longer battery life.
With Hailo-10, users can take full control of their GenAI experience, all while maximizing performance and minimizing power consumption.

Hailo-10 enables premium GenAI applications locally, on low-end and mid-range devices.