Hailo’s TAPPAS (Template APPlications And Solutions) is an infrastructure designed to make it easy to develop and deploy high-performance edge application based on the industry-leading Hailo-8™ AI processor . Hailo TAPPAS is pre-packaged with a rich set of applications built on top of state-of-the-art deep neural networks, demonstrating Hailo’s best-in-class throughput and power efficiency. For users seeking to quickly deploy their own networks on the Hailo-8, the TAPPAS provides an easy-to-use, Python-based template for application development.

TAPPAS pre-trained applications and development environment reduce development time and effort, allowing customers to accelerate time to market. The open applications infrastructure offers different operational modes, as well as bring-your-own-model and DIY support functionalities that help achieve development flexibility.

TAPPAS object detection app: a high-resolution video feed of a busy speedway processed on the theHailo-8™  AI Processor in real time and with high accuracy of detection.


TAPPAS out-of-the-box versatile apps include:

Hailo Tappas Classification



Ready-made ResNet-50-based application, trained on ImageNet

Hailo Tappas Depth Estimation


Depth Estimation​

A ResNet18-UNET-based application, rudimentary in intelligent ADAS cameras

Hailo Tappas


Lane Detection

Out-of-the-box PolyLaneNet-based application trained on Tusimple for basic assisted driving applications

Hailo Tappas  Semantic Segmentation


Semantische Segmentierung

Purpose-built and pre-trained model, optimized for high-resolution ,real-time applications like ADAS front-facing cameras

Hailo Tappas


Multiple Object Tracking

An advanced versatile model that detects and tracks multiple simultaneously-moving people

Hailo Tappas Halo Tappas Facial Detection & Recognition


Facial Detection & Recognition

Apps for face recognition and detection app for security and authentication applications

Hailo_TAPPAS_Pose Estimation


Pose Estimation

CenterPose-based app for a variety of safety, security and operational optimization applications across verticals

Hailo Tappas Object Detection


Object Detection

Detection apps with several available neural networks, delivering unique functionalities

Hailo TAPPAS_Instance Segmentation


Instance Segmentation

A YOLACT-based model that identifies, outlines and colors different objects and persons