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hailo Automotive


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As advances are made to reach higher autonomy levels of cars, more sensors are included and vehicle responsibility increases. Hailo’s processor empowers efficient processing of the car’s environment data to generate immediate and accurate insights.

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hailo Smart City

Smart City

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Smart cities require numerous cameras to generate video streams that need to be processed locally, quickly, and efficiently. Hailo’s edge processor enables real-time high resolution processing of data streams. This empowers cameras to optimally manage smart city critical tasks effectively in a scalable manner.

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hailo Smart Home

Smart Home

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Utilizing smart home devices with Hailo’s processor enables to process high resolution data streams in real-time, and data can be processed right at the source, which translates into faster response times and improved device reliability and privacy.

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hailo Smart retail

Smart Retail

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Smart retail stores generating copious amounts of video that need to be processed locally quickly and efficiently, with minimal latency. Hailo’s processor assists to manages a wide array of image processing tasks in real time with low latency to significantly upgrade the industry.

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hailo Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

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Automation on the factory floor is critical to bolster cost-efficient production, which in many cases requires sufficient processing power.  Hailo’s processor has the processing power to keep up with round-the-clock, multi-device automation. 

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