Industry 4.0

Intelligent edge devices are seminal in factory and logistics automation, helping manufacturers streamline, save costs and boost output without compromising on quality and safety. From smart line cameras for defect detection to autonomous robots navigating the factory floor, edge AI processing is pivotal in Industry 4.0 solutions.​

The Hailo AI processor provides AI efficiency and safety in demanding environments, enabling the 24/7 operation of industrial-grade camera devices and robotic systems.​

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hailo 8 ai chip for manufacturing industry


  • Robotic Vision​
  • Manufacturing ​
  • Safety & security​

The capabilities and use of industrial robots are constantly expanding with the progress in AI-based vision technologies, among others. Taking a growing part in manufacturing operations, today’s industrial robots also need to function in a human environment – cooperating on various tasks and navigating the jointly occupied space. High accuracy, low latency and strict compliance are crucial to efficient and safe Human-Machine Interaction (HMI).​

The Hailo AI processor is designed to preform deep learning tasks such as object detection and classification, route planning, anomaly detection, complex pattern recognition and many others. These neural processes enable robots to perform:​

  • Material handling – grasping, picking up, placing objects​
  • Assembly and processing – fitting parts, screwing bolts, welding and soldering, spray painting etc.​
  • Autonomous navigation around the facility and obstacle clearance​

The Hailo AI processor offers high-resolution video processing in real time, which is required for high-yield, high-endurance robotic vision and HMI. Designed and qualified for industrial operation, it has an extended operating temperature range, as well as minimal space and power requirements. With the Hailo AI processor, manufacturers are able to save costs and increase productivity when introducing intelligent vision into their operations. ​

In the smart factory, intelligent cameras are widely used to monitor machines, production lines and entire facilities to create more efficient and safer processes. Our customers use Hailo-powered Intelligent cameras for:​

  • Quality control automation and line inspection – the camera monitors production, inspecting components and detecting defects and machine malfunctions, and alerts about issues in real time
  • Predictive maintenance – monitoring and advanced analytics predict when a machine will require maintenance operations or replacement parts and allow to plan production accordingly
  • Continuous improvement – generate valuable analytics insights about bottleneck and process inefficiencies
  • Logistics management and automated warehouses – vision-based inventory tracking and monitoring (e.g. barcode reading), traceability analysis (for such cases as recalls).

The Hailo AI processor is designed for AI in manufacturing. It introduces powerful capabilities into standard and custom industrial cameras, providing high-resolution, high-frame rate neural image processing at industry-leading efficiency and low power consumption. The Hailo AI processor is designed for rugged environments and system scalability. Using Hailo-powered AI applications in manufacturing or logistics operations allows manufacturers to increase productivity and up time and achieve efficiencies and cost-savings. 

AI-powered security cameras help protect high-value facilities and maintain a safe work environment. Powered by the Hailo AI processor, our customers’ industrial AI-enabled cameras run neural networks for semantic segmentation, object classification, human pose estimation and pattern recognition for:​

  • Safety inspection – detect hazards and obstacles to worker and machine movement, monitor movement and behavior in designated zones, detect dangerous or non-compliant worker behavior​
  • PPE detection – monitor worker use of hardhats, safety goggle, face masks etc.​
  • Surveil and secure facilities, monitor entry, detect unauthorized personnel and receive intrusion alerts​

The Hailo AI processor chip empowers standard and custom surveillance cameras with real-time AI capabilities to produce alerts and analytics. It requires little power and space and no high-speed connectivity. Designed for industrial use and data privacy, it has an extended operating temperature range and it offers a closed-loop intelligent surveillance capability (data is captured and analyzed on-device or on-site). It is flexible and scalable with various deployment options – a single chip can power one camera or a whole network of sensors.​


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