Hailo’s AI solutions for VMS

Discover the future of Video Management System with Hailo’s edge AI processors.

To enable real-time and precise intelligent video analytics, VMS requires high-performance computing. AI technology is transformative in this market, allowing faster and more accurate event identification at a reduced cost.

With Hailo, you can unlock advanced video analytics on the edge, leading to enhanced performance and a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Discover the power of Hailo AI solutions for VMS today.

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Cost Efficiency

  • More compute power per $, resulting in more complexity per application, more applications per stream and more streams per platform
  • Event-based recording resulting in significant saving on streaming bandwidth and storage space

High Reliability

Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions for systems installed in outdoor and sometimes challenging environments


A wide range of modules and cards ranging 13-208 TOPS to support any deployment type and requirement

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