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Leveraging Vendor Partnerships for ADAS Success: LeddarTech and Hailo

It’s a late summer evening, you’ve had a long day at work and all you want to do is get home and relax, but the usual horrible traffic jam is worrying you. The thought of spending the next thirty minutes switching between […]
Danya Golan, July 24, 2023

From Vision to Insights

As the camera market is booming, so does the need to empower cameras with artificial intelligence (AI). In this blog post we discuss the need for on-camera AI and how it enhances video quality and empowers advanced video analytics. We will look at some typical cameras and applications and try to estimate the AI budget required to execute the different scenarios.
Avi Baum, July 9, 2023

AI Object Detection on the Edge: Making the Right Choice

Object detection is a fundamental computer vision task that classifies and localizes all the objects in an image. It is widely used in automotive, smart city, smart home, and industry 4.0 applications, among others.
Niv Vosco, October 6, 2022