Intelligent Camera

The Hailo AI processor is designed to enable industry-leading edge computing capabilities in a wide variety of smart cameras and sensors. Computer vision AI and AI video analytics applications are endless – from intelligent surveillance and smart city technologies to smart factory, smart home and AI for business.

In Intelligent cameras, the Hailo AI processor is a high-performance vision processing unit (VPU) that can act as a​:

  • Co-processor that works alongside a host processor, offloading the neural processing tasks
  • Pre-processor that performs neural processing on input from the sensor or ISP and outputs to the application processor
  • Standalone processor, receiving input from the sensor directly, performing neural processing and generating the desired output. With integrated memory and ISP, the Hailo AI processor can perform a variety of tasks on its own.​

In all cases, the Hailo edge AI processor processes high-resolution images efficiently, so there is no need to down scale the input and lose accuracy, power or time.​

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Intelligent Camera with Hailo-8™ as pre-processor

Intelligent Camera with Hailo-8™ as standalone