Intelligent Camera

The Hailo AI processor is designed to enable industry-leading edge computing capabilities in a wide variety of smart cameras and sensors. Computer vision AI and AI video analytics applications are endless – from intelligent surveillance and smart city technologies to smart factory, smart home and AI for business.

In Intelligent cameras, the Hailo AI processor is a high-performance vision processing unit (VPU) that can act as a​:

  • Co-processor that works alongside a host processor, offloading the neural processing tasks
  • Pre-processor that performs neural processing on input from the sensor or ISP and outputs to the application processor
  • Standalone processor, receiving input from the sensor directly, performing neural network processing and generating the desired output. With integrated memory and ISP, the Hailo AI processor can perform a variety of tasks on its own.​

In all cases, the Hailo edge AI processor processes high-resolution images efficiently, so there is no need to down scale the input and lose accuracy, power or time.​

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AI for Smart Factory Industry 4.0 Intelligent Applications

Industry 4.0

AI for Smart Retail and Intelligent Stores Applications

Smart Retail

AI for Smart Home Computer, Intelligent Cameras, and Security Applications

Smart Home

Hailo_Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

AI for Smart City Public Safety Intelligent Applications

Smart City

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