Hailo-8™ Evaluation Board

Prototype & Develop AI Hardware Using the World’s Best Performing AI Processor for Edge Devices

The Hailo-8 Evaluation Board (EVB) provides a proven design to evaluate the Hailo-8 AI processor. The EVB allows easy access to all peripherals necessary for development, testing and debugging.

  • Demonstration of the capabilities and KPIs of the Hailo-8 edge AI processor
  • Fast evaluation and prototyping using out-of-the-box deep learning examples
  • Accelerated development with the Hailo Dataflow Compiler
    • Bit-exact SW emulator 
    • Profiling resource utilization and power consumption of target networks 
  • Easy deployment of proprietary deep learning algorithms
  • Seamless integration with popular software frameworks
  • Industry-standard NN examples typically used in AI hardware acceleration benchmarks 
  • Easy connection to existing customers’ platforms for quick proof of concept
Title File type Date modified
Hailo-8™ Evaluation Board Brochure PDF March 15, 2021
Hailo-8™ EVB Reference design ZIP file December 28, 2021

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