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HailoRT is a production-grade, light, scalable runtime software running on the host processor for real-time inferencing in production platforms with Hailo devices. It enables developers to build easy and fast pipelines for AI applications and is suitable for evaluation, prototyping, and production applications. HailoRT enables high throughput inferencing with one or more Hailo devices and is available as open-source software via Hailo Github.

Key HailoRT capabilities:

  • Multi-Host architecture support – supports both x86 & ARM architectures
  • Flexible interfaces for AI applications – C/C++ and Python interfaces
  • Easy integration with devices and pipelines – includes a plug-in for the GStreamer framework
  • Supports multiple streams – process multiple video streams simultaneously
  • Supports high throughput inferencing with up to 16 Hailo-8TM devices
  • Seamless Hailo device control – interfaces for two-ways control and data communication with Hailo-8TM  device(s)


Integration Tool

Hailo RT CLI

Runtime Frameworks Plugins

(Python API)

C/C ++ API and Library

Hailo PCle Driver

HailoRT includes the following key components:

  • Runtime Frameworks Integration
    • pyHailoRT – Python API for load models to Hailo-8TM devices and send & receive data
    •  GStreamer plugin – provides the “hailonet” element which infer GStreamer frames according to the configured network. This element can be used multiple times in a GStreamer pipeline to infer multiple networks in parallel
  • Integration Tool – Tool for verification of the hardware integration of Hailo-8TM M.2 & Hailo-8TM mPCIe modules
  • HailoRT CLI – Command Line application for controlling the Hailo device(s), running inferences on the device(s), and collecting inference statistics & device events
  • HailoRT Library – User-space, runtime, robust, C/C++ API for control and data transfer to/from Hailo devices
  • PCIe Driver – External kernel module. Available for Linux and Windows. Can be installed using DKMS framework.
  •  Yocto Layer
    • Enables integration of Hailo’s software into Yocto environment (Zeus, Dunfell, Hardknott, Gatesgarth)
    • Includes recipes for the HailoRT library, pyHailoRT, and the PCIe driver

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020.