Designing powerful, scalable & cost-efficient AI-powered video management systems
May 7, 2024
17:00 CET, 11:00 EST

Join us for a live webinar, featuring Hailo experts Yaniv Iarovici and Gilad Nahor, as we explore the design principles behind powerful, scalable, and cost-efficient AI-powered video management systems.

Agenda for the webinar:

Part I: Introduction
  • AI-powered VMS introduction
  • Hailo’s advanced analytics solutions for VMS
Part II: Integration
  • Integrating Hailo-based AI analytics into VMS
  • How to design multi-stream pipeline
  • Integration with VMS software (Network Optix example)
  • Next generation VMS capabilities – using CLIP model for free text searching on live video streams
Part III: VMS demo
Part IV: Q&A

Our speakers

Yaniv Iarovici
VP Business Development
Gilad Nahor
Application Engineer

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