2024 Automotive World Japan
Jan 24-26, 2024
Tokyo, Japan

Automotive World Japan is a great networking event in Tokyo, Japan for advanced automotive technologies such as car-electronics, EV/HV/FCV, autonomous driving, and more.

We will have a great team and impressive booth where we will show how Hailo can boost your video analytics systems with state-of-the-art perception tasks for full situational awareness, enhancing both safety and comfort applications in various assisted and autonomous driving systems.

You will be able to see a high-accuracy object detection from six 2MP cameras, processed by the Renesas R-Car V4H Soc & Hailo-8 AI Accelerator, a multi-camera detection and segmentation solution by TIER IV and Hailo‘s bird’s eye view demo which shows how the Hailo AI accelerators enable simultaneous processing of 6 camera sources with 26 TOPS at less than 3Watts power consumption. And as topping on the cake, we will showcase the capabilities of our Hailo-15 top performing AI vision processors, specifically designed to empower smart cameras with unprecedented AI capacity.

Furthermore, we welcome you to attend our presentation on January 25th at 11:00 called “Scaling from ADAS to AD – an AI Perspective” in which we will be discuss the examining AI needs for ADAS, enhancing perception for safety, addressing AI challenges in cost-effective ECU design.

Let’s set up a meeting to discuss how our state-of-the-art AI accelerator can help you achieve your goals and boost your business in the coming year.

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