Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Acceleration Module

Step Up Your Edge Product Performance with Best-In-Class AI Processor Packaged in A Module

The Hailo-8™ M.2 Module is an AI accelerator module for AI applications, compatible with NGFF M.2 form factor M, B+M and A+E keys. The AI module is based on the 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) Hailo-8™ AI processor with high power efficiency. The M.2 AI accelerator features a full PCIe Gen-3.0 2-lane interface (4-lane in M-key module), delivering unprecedented AI performance for edge devices. The M.2 module can be plugged into an existing edge device with M.2 socket to execute in real-time and with low power deep neural network inferencing for a broad range of market segments. Leveraging Hailo’s comprehensive Dataflow Compiler and its support for standard AI frameworks, customers can easily port their Neural Network models to the Hailo-8 and introduce high-performance AI products to the market quickly.

AI Accelerator - Hailo-8 M.2 Module

M.2 modules features

Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Processor AI benchmarks


  • Hailo-8 figures are based on SDK version 3.9.0 (June 2021), measured at room temperature on a single Hailo-8 device through PCIe interface on a Hailo evaluation board (system host: Intel® Core™ i5-9400 CPU @ 2.90GHz)
  • Intel Myriad X figures sourced from: https://docs.openvinotoolkit.org/latest/openvino_docs_performance_benchmarks_openvino.html , retrieved 12/07/21 for version 2021.4
  • Google Edge TPU figures sourced from: https://coral.ai/docs/module/datasheet/ (with power figures) ; https://coral.ai/docs/edgetpu/benchmarks/ (throughput only), retrieved 12/07/21 ; and https://coral.ai/models/image-classification/, retrieved 08/08/21  
    • FPS is converted from latency in ms (1 divided by ms/1000)
  • Hailo-8 and Edge TPU figures are for batch=1 and INT8, while Myriad X is batch=1 and FP16
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Hailo-8™ M.2 AI Acceleration Module Brochure

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Hailo-8™ M.2 starter kit


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