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5 Questions on the Edge (AI) with Hailo CEO Orr Danon

Where do you see high-performa

Orr Danon , 9月 22, 2021
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Customer Case Study: Developing a High-Performance Application on an Embedded Edge AI Device

One of the challenges in build

Eldad Rubinstein, Software Architecture & Product Manager, and Rotem Bar Head of Embedded Applications, at Hailo , 9月 1, 2021
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Evaluating Edge AI Accelerator Performance: Why TOPS Are Not Enough

The recent requirement for eff

Daniel Chibotero , 6月 2, 2021
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Why Domain-Specific Dataflow Processing Is the Only Way Forward

The End of Moore’s Law and Den

Uri Weiser , 5月 19, 2021

ADAS Anatomy: from SAE to NCAP

While my experience wandering

Yaniv Sulkes , 4月 7, 2021
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Don’t Make Light of Power Efficiency When It Comes to Edge AI

In the last decade we hav

Avi Baum , 3月 24, 2021
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How the Edge AI Box Can Accelerate Adoption of AI for Surveillance and Security

Working “in AI”, having this a

Alina Sharon-Green , 3月 10, 2021
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Unlocking Edge AI: A Lot of Compute Goes a Long Way

Recently, Hailo unveiled its n

Mark Grobman , 2月 15, 2021
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Object Detection at the Edge: Making the Right Choice

Object detection is a fundamen

Niv Vosco , 2月 10, 2021