Dataflow Compiler

A Complete & Scalable Software Toolchain

Hailo devices are accompanied by a comprehensive AI SDK tool chain which seamlessly integrates with existing deep learning development frameworks to allow smooth and easy integration in existing development ecosystems.

Full deployment flow toolchain capabilities:

  • Model Translation from industry standard frameworks to Hailo format
  • Numeric Translation to internal representation, using state of the art quantization algorithms
  • Hardware Resource Allocation of user network required resources to physical resources in the Hailo device
  • Compilation of models into Hailo binary by the dedicated deep learning compiler
  • Loading binary and running inference on the Hailo target device
  • The deep learning SDK supports both standalone inference allowing direct access to the device, and Tensorflow-integrated inference for easy integration with existing environments

Analysis and debug tools:

  • Emulator providing bit exact emulation of chip behavior
  • Profiler providing chip performance estimations (e.g. FPS, power and latency)
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Brochure: Hailo-8™ Deep Learning Processor


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