The pursuit for “vision zero” is set by the EuroNCAP, the European association for car safety, as the next high-level goal for 2025. Intelligent perception technologies take the driver seat in this journey. From vulnerable road user (VRU) protection capabilities to in-cabin driver monitoring – a compute-intense machine is needed while meeting thermal dissipation, mass production quality, area and price constraints. ​

Together with the world’s best OEMs and Tier-1s, Hailo is working to introduce leading deep learning performance into various assisted and autonomous driving systems, while meeting evolving safety standards and regulations. ​ The Hailo AI processor is an AEC-Q100 grade 2 Automotive AI processor, which has been developed in accordance with ISO26262 guidelines to be ASIL-B compliant.​

AI in the automotive industry- hailo ai accelerator chip



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