The Impact of Powerful Edge AI on Video Analytics

Security market experts from Omdia forecast that by 2025, 64% of all network cameras shipped globally will be AI cameras. The availability of AI on cameras and in analytics devices will push video analytics from the fringes of the market to the mainstream. This market growth will be driven by new, powerful AI processors that enable extensive edge AI inferencing on the camera or device.

This whitepaper explores how powerful edge AI analytics will be a gamechanger for video surveillance systems across industries – from security and smart cities, to brick-and-mortar retail and manufacturing.

Read about:

  • The development of AI and security IoT
  • Artificial intelligence in the video surveillance market
  • Drivers and challenges for edge AI processing
  • Benefits of high-performance on-camera or on-premises device
  • Real-world edge AI analytics use-cases across industry verticals