Model Zoo

Run Models Out Of The Box

Model Zoo

The Hailo Model Zoo provides deep learning models for various computer vision tasks. The pre-trained models can be used to create fast prototypes on Hailo devices.

Main features include:

  • A variety of common and state-of-the-art pre-trained models and tasks in TensorFlow and ONNX
  • Model details, including full precision accuracy vs. quantized model accuracy measured on Hailo-8™
  • Each model also includes a binary HEF file that is fully supported in the Hailo toolchain and Application suite (for registered users only)
Additionally, the Hailo Model Zoo Github repository provides users with the capability to quickly and easily reproduce the Hailo-8’s published performance on the common models and architectures included in our Model Zoo.

Read more about how the Hailo Model Zoo works and what it can do on the Hailo Blog.