Senior Machine Learning Engineer

About The Position

Hailo is a start-up developing a first-in-class deep learning inference processor for edge applications. We combine a fundamental understanding of the way neural networks operate with our team’s expertise in SW and HW architecture, to develop a product that has the potential to be a landmark in computer technology. The company is built from a mixture of experts from various fields, coming from the elite units of the intelligence community and the leading tech companies in Israel, with a track record of executing complex projects from the ground up.

As part of our Deep Learning Networks team, you’ll be tasked with the development and implementation of algorithms for creating neural networks that are optimized for Hailo inference processors. The team is in charge of:

  • Develop quantization algorithms that will translate neural networks to limited precision representation with minimum distortion and degradation
  • Maintaining the company-wide knowledge base of the latest trends in computervision and DL based edge applications
  • Hardware development guidance. Following the trends in the machine, learning world to predict the requirements of future customers and guide the hardware development of future chips to meet these requirements.
  • Network compression algorithms developments and implementation. Transforming neural network to more efficient version with minimum performance degradation. The task usually also includes modifying the networks and retraining the efficient version to get the best performance.
  • Support customers' ML/algorithmic teams to extract the full value from our company’s offering.


We are looking for applicants with a strong R&D background who are versatile and can learn new skills quickly. Applicants should have a good mathematical background and feel comfortable and enjoy reading academic papers. The position is very system-oriented and we are looking for candidates who will feel comfortable when required to deep dive into our HW architecture, SW toolchain, or the customers' application. Finally, Deep Learning development is SW intensive and applicants are expected to have knowledge and experience of scientific computing and programming. In general, we hold SW and automation skills in high regard. The following soft skills are expected: have interest and curiosity about other ML products in the market, take part in discussions about future directions we should explore. Do not be afraid to experiment with new technologies and challenge existing solutions. Work in an open and well-documented manner and enjoy presenting your work to your peers.


  • B.Sc. in CS/EE/Math/Physics from a University or military equivalent experience.
  • At least two of the following skills:
  1. Significant experience development in python/C/Matlab
  2. Research experience equivalent to MS.c thesis or greater
  3. Experience in system or architecture roles


  • Passion for becoming an expert in the field of deep-learning
  • Hard-working, committed, and self-reliant
  • Experience with the following: 
  1. An M.Sc/Ph.D in EE/CS or the exact sciences.
  2. Experience with development of deployment of computer vision or NLP products. 
  3. Experience with deep learning frameworks
  4. Experience with MLops

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