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Application Engineer

Do you want to take part in creating a revolutionary AI processor for edge devices? Hailo presents a breakthrough approach to deep learning processing infrastructure which will unleash unprecedented performance and will disrupt the industry. If you are passionate, motivated, energetic and skilled in the following, Hailo wants to talk to you!


Position Summary

As an application engineer, you will be a key technical figure part of the team leading Hailo’s engagements with customers. You will be the direct technical point of contact for our customers, managing the technical aspects of Hailo’s business engagement and taking a significant part in bringing Hailo’s technology to mass deployment in products.



Understand the customer’s technical use case for Hailo’s technology and the customer’s system comprehensively.
Be an expert in Hailo’s products. Have a deep comprehension of the product features and product roadmap.
Manage technical alignment processes with costumers to communicate status to customers, derive a technical work plan with the customer and generate feedback to Product and R&D.
Guide and support our customers in evaluation and development processes.
Master Hailo’s technical messaging to support business development and sales processes.
Work closely and collaborate with Hailo’s business group to conquer business milestones and work with Hailo’s product team to drive new product requirements.



2+ years hands experience as a SW/algo/embedded developer
2+ years in customer facing positions (system/program/application)
Excellent people and communication skills
Quick learner who likes to combine technological disciplines with system level orientation
Pre-sale and post-sale capabilities: Presentation skills, on-site problem solving and deep analysis skills.
Willingness to travel frequently (according to need)
Fluency in English



Fluency in other languages

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Working at Hailo

Breakthrough results require breakthrough approaches. To revolutionize deep learning, Hailo takes a unique, multidisciplinary approach. Our team is carefully selected from a variety of disciplines and are integrated to overcome traditional disciplinary boundaries.

About Hailo

Hailo is developing a breakthrough microprocessor based on a disruptive proprietary technology for deep learning applications, that will deliver data center performance to edge devices. Existing technologies are too large, expensive and power-hungry to be deployed in edge devices and must depend on a remote data center for ample processing power. Hailo’s processor is designed to fit into embedded devices enabling them to process high-resolution video and other high-throughput streams in real-time using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms while operating at reduced power consumption, size and cost. Headquartered in Israel, the company was founded in 2017 by former members of the elite technology unit of the Israeli Defense Forces.