Object Detection on the Edge: Making the Right Choice

Object detection is a fundamental computer vision task that classifies and localizes all the objects in an image. It is widely used in automotive, smart city, smart home, and industry

Niv Vosco , October 6, 2022

Automatic License Plate Recognition with Hailo-8™

In this blog post, we present Hailo’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) implementation (also known as Automatic Number Place Recognition or ANPR).

Niv Vosco , April 6, 2022

Powerful Edge AI to Boost Intelligent Traffic Monitoring

Whether in the city or outside of it, current traffic monitoring solutions have significant challenges in dealing with increasingly common complex traffic scenarios and more robust AI functionality requirements.

Alina Sharon-Green , February 14, 2022

How Software Can Streamline Edge AI Developer Experience

When looking at the challenges facing mass AI adoption, infrastructure and integration are among their most important aspects. They were among the top limiting factors in a 2020 O’Rielly survey.

January 12, 2022

Play to Win: How Hailo and NXP Create Efficient Embedded AI Solutions

 A good partnership is all about the added value. It highlights the strengths of each party, compensates for the weaker points and overall produces more value than what the two parties would produce individually. 

Nadav Eden , November 18, 2021

Customer Case Study: Developing a High-Performance Application on an Embedded Edge AI Device

One of the challenges in building embedded AI applications is taking it from machine learning research environment all the way to a full application deployed on an embedded host in

Eldad Rubinstein, Software Architecture & Product Manager, and Rotem Bar Head of Embedded Applications, at Hailo , September 1, 2021

Edge ML Deep Dive: Why You Should Use Tiles in Squeeze-and-Excite Operations

This blog post presents the Tiled Squeeze-and-Excite (TSE) – a method designed to improve the deployment efficiency of the Squeeze-and-Excite (SE) operator to dataflow architecture AI accelerators like the Hailo-8

Niv Vosco , August 11, 2021

How an Open Model Zoo Can Boost Your Edge AI System Development

Edge AI system development has been propelled forward by the exciting emergence of new purpose-built processing architectures that empower us to do so much more on the edge. An important,

July 20, 2021

Mind the System Gap: System-Level Implications for High-Performance Edge AI Coprocessors

Intro The new generation of domain-specific AI computing architectures is booming. The need for these and the benefit they provide to end applications are apparent. However, the inherent challenges in

Noy Nakash , June 17, 2021

Evaluating Edge AI Accelerator Performance: Why TOPS Are Not Enough

The recent requirement for efficient edge AI solutions across Smart City, Smart Retail, Surveillance and Automotive, has driven a boom in edge AI chips. Both established corporations and innovative startups

Daniel Chibotero , June 2, 2021

Why Domain-Specific Dataflow Processing Is the Only Way Forward

The End of Moore’s Law and Dennard Scaling  For over 30 years, the evolution of general-purpose computing was impressive and fast-paced, doubling performance every 2 years or so. But then, some would say not

Uri Weiser , May 19, 2021

Our 1st Hackathon: One Day to Develop a Winning AI App with the Hailo TAPPAS Toolkit

Introducing TAPPAS The MAD team is Hailo’s first and friendliest customer. We develop deep-learning based demos using the Hailo-8 AI Processor and accompanying software toolchain. Our demos encompass a variety

Gilad Nahor , May 5, 2021

Super Resolution: Using Deep Learning to Improve Image Quality and Resolution

On Thursday, May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion stood in front of a national assembly and the entire world and declared the formation of the sovereign State of Israel, of which

Uri Almog , April 12, 2021

Don’t Make Light of Power Efficiency When It Comes to Edge AI

In the last decade we have witnessed a surging demand for complex computing, more specifically for deep learning. No longer satisfied by centralized processing in datacenters, it is propelling a fast evolution of AI inference at the edge – at the nearest point of aggregation, if

Avi Baum , March 24, 2021

Unlocking Edge AI: A Lot of Compute Goes a Long Way

Recently, Hailo unveiled its new M.2 module and published some exciting benchmarks. Looking at the impressive numbers, one naturally asks: “why would anyone need an object detector running at 1000fps?”

Mark Grobman , February 15, 2021